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Quantum Functional Materials Design and Application Laboratory

Department of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology

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Welcome !

Lab of Quantum functional material design and application welcome you at Beijing Institute of Technology!

Our main research interests include spintronics, abnormal transport theory, topological insulators, design of first-principles calculation program, and experiment in low-dimensional functional materials preparation and measurement, as well as their potential applications in photoelectric devices and novel energy materials.

We are willing to cooperate with relevant labs all over the world, and are open for programs of student exchange or mutual visit.


Annually, we plan to recruit a few graduate students and postdocs. Please contact with us before you ask for an examination or interview, especially if you only want a master's degree. Graduate students have opportunities to visit our international cooperators during the PhD program.

Before register for an examination, please notice:

  1. Make sure that the applicant loves to do research.
  2. Work hard, work initiatively.
  3. We welcome students with physical background, as well as other interdisciplinary students.
  4. We are happy to host graduation projects for outstanding undergraduates.
  5. We have special programs for postdoctoral scholars with negotiable competitive treatment.

Recruitment of faculty and postdoc

We have long-term recruitments of smart youth in computational physics, condensed matter theory, experimental physics. Area and requirement of recruitment (but not limited to the following directions)

  1. Material growth and transport measurement of topology insulator: single crystal growth, CVD growth, MBE growth, PPMS physical measurement, etc.
  2. Two-dimensional material growth and physical properties measurement: single crystal growth, CVD growth, Raman spectroscopy, PL spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, XPS and other material characterization methods, as well as PPMS physical properties measurement and analysis
  3. Measurement and analysis of photoelectric response characteristics of materials, design and preparation of photoelectric devices, Plasmonics and so on
  4. Good at measurement and analysis of ultrafast spectroscopy and carrier dynamics, especially for measurement and analysis of nonlinear optical properties
  5. Magnetic and spintronics experiments: good at low dimensional material preparation and spintronics device fabrication, PPMS (magnetic susceptibility and magnetic transport measurements)
  6. Angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES) measurements. (Preferably for Project of Thousand Youth Talents)
  7. Condensed matter theory in collaboration with experiments
  8. Computational condensed matter physics in collaboration with experiments


  1. Postdoc: From 200 thousand RMB/year with offers of accommodation
  2. Tenure-track assistant professor (Externally equivalent to associate researcher): 200-240 thousand RMB/year + Full insurance
  3. Tenure-track associate professor or distinguished professor (Externally equivalent to researcher): 300-420 thousand RMB/year + Full insurance
  4. Holder of Project of Thousand Youth Talents: 350-420 thousand RMB/year + Full insurance + 2 million housing subsidies
  5. Other benefits (housing, low-rent housing and start-up funds) are listed in website of Personnel Division of Beijing Institute of Technology, or to be discussed at interview.

Contact information

Applicants may send resumes to:
Prof. Yugui Yao
E-mail:ygyao@bit.edu.cn; ygyao@iphy.ac.cn

Department of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology | Quantum Functional Materials Design and Application Laboratory
Beijing Institute of Technology 5 South Zhongguancun Street Haidian District, Beijing 100081